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Hello!  I'm the membership secretary.  We'd love to have you as a new member of our very exclusive Flying Club.  You can click on the link below to download the Strubby Airfield membership form.

Scamp and the membership secretary enjoy one of Strubby's many social evenings

(Umm - 8hrs from bottle to throttle.  That'll be a whole day then!)

Scamp has free membership.  Your pet can have free membership too!  Do remember however, to keep your pet on a tight rein when visiting Strubby Airfield, or any airfield for that matter.

Scamp enjoys flying P2

Simply click on the link below.  The Strubby Membership form will open as a Word document file.  Simply complete the form and email it to mervyn.porter.mp@gmail.com

Membership Form

Please don't forget to download and read our Membership Rules.  By signing the Membership Form, you are agreeing to them!

Membership Rules