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Please don't expect Scamp's travels to be in any sort of chronological order.  He's done what he can.  He's put them in order of smell!

Along with two Strubby Airfield friends, Scamp came to see two Lancasters flying.  Sadly, it was too windy for the Lancasters and they didn't turn up.

    Scamp with
 Pedigree Chums
    at Sywell

Oh heaven, the smell of leather, lacquer and ... oil!  Why can't we have one of these at Strubby?

David said I could sit here but he didn't know that I fell off into the drip tray!

And one of these too please!



All dogs love chasing bicycles so Scamp flew P2 to Audley End followed by a tiny walk into Saffron Walden to cheer on Le Tour de France!  He want's to go back to visit English Heritage' Audley End House and Gardens.

Chris FrOOme

Scamp flew P2 to Ince to visit Liverpool.  The idea was to soak up some of the Art Deco architecture associated with the Dock areas.  Heaven!


Will you get down!

Scamp however made some new friends at the Airfield and just wanted to stay and play.

Scamp, somewhat overwhelmed by his new found friends at Ince.

Ince, the home of West Lancashire Microlight School.  A warm welcome awaits!

Scamp clearly giving encouragement to the Lanc to get its tail-up!

      Tail up!

      Tail up!

Scamp visits the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden and makes friends with a r/c gyrocopter!

Why chase bicycles and car wheels when you can chase the old and slow vintage planes of the Shuttleworth collection.  They smell good too!

who took him out of the Dog Rescue centre many years ago.

Pilot Wright and co-pilot Wright!  Obviously not the Wright brothers!

L - R  Maisy and Scamp

Scamp concludes that Maisy's bed smells a little nicer, and is certainly much more comfortable, than the drip tray he fell into a few weeks back!

I think I might just stay here.

Louison and Mael fly with Scamp.  Scamp dit 'J'ai peur. J'ai mal au ventre!'

'Pas moi' disent Louison et Mael.  Ils disent 'COOL!'